First up, I’m Tony, more commonly known as Thor. Many of you will know me from my hobby blog Creative Twilight.

I started this site in response to the void I felt existed for a tutorial directory like this. There are other miniature hobby tutorial sites out there, and others that have user submitted content, but many of them are outdated, hard to work with, and really aren’t focusing on giving you, the artist, the recognition deserved.

So, I started this site to give the readers a huge collection of amazing tutorials covering a range of topics in the miniature hobby.

With that is having a place that’s easy to use for the artists to submit their tutorials to be found by the readers. The site focuses on driving quality traffic to the sites of the artists who submit their work.

The site is built with the community in mind, so if you have any suggestions or ideas then I’d love to hear them!

Glad you stopped by and be sure to check out all the awesome tutorials. If you’ve got some tutorials of your own then be sure to send’em in.

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