3 Reasons You Need a Hair Dryer for Miniature Painting

We all need brushes, glue, acrylic paint, and good lighting, but if you’re a regular painter of miniatures, you should also get a hair dryer. This article is about why you should invest in a blow dryer for painting miniatures, and I highlight some tips for effectively using a hair dryer in your miniature painting workflow.

Getting a hair dryer for my miniature painting has been a game-changer. I’ve painted miniatures for years without using a hair dryer, and I kind of regret waiting for so long despite some recommendations out there in my early days. Just the hassle of having that extra equipment near my desk, or even the cost of buying one was a barrier for me.

But, after I took the plunge, I’ve never looked back. I think a hair dryer is the most underestimated tool in your mini-painting toolkit.

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