5 Simple Ways to Choose a Paint Color Scheme for Miniatures

Are you trying to choose a paint color scheme for your miniatures? Even if you’re familiar with painting techniques, you’ll still need to know what colors to choose for painting miniatures. For those who are in product development, a primary challenge is being able to sell a concept or idea. Color choice feeds into the task for manifesting an emotional message into a reality.

It’s about the thrill of discovery.

Whether you’re painting models from GamesWorkshop, Privateer Press, or other tabletop miniature companies, choosing what paint color scheme to use can be daunting and paralyzing.

If you’re just beginning, stuck, or simply looking for a boost, I hope these tips will help you decide how to invest your time with the colors and looks you love.

In this article, I describe the 5 simple ways to choose colors for painting miniatures and wargaming models.

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