How to Make Extra Armour for a Rhino Using a Template

This one is dragged from out of the archives. I found these pictures sifting through some old pictures. It is making Extra Armour for a Rhino from a template.

By digging around, I was able to find the template for extra armour. It all fits on an A4 page and fits mostly to scale, so print and it’s ready to go.

However, there is some creative interpretation involved and you can’t be afraid of hacking a few bits of plasticard to the project to make it work properly. That said, the templates fit pretty well. I guess it’s the kitbasher in me!

Part One – The raw ingredients

The main ingredient is plasticard. I really like it as a medium as it’s really forgiving and there’s almost limitless potential with what you can do. A normal craft knife will make short work and files clean it up really well.

warhammer 40k rhino extra armour template

Part Two – Assembly

Once you have cut out the templates, this is where it gets difficult. The fit may be a little snug and may require some editing to make it a proper fit. I found that over cutting the guidelines, and trimming them back to fit made this process. For this armour, I put down an underlayer and then was able to better fit the armour on top.

howto warhammer 40k rhino extra armour template

Part Three – Preparing the Rhino

The Rhino APC comes with all sorts of bumps and doodads attached to said bumps. Particularly, in this case, the mountings for the headlights. The removal of said mounts is pretty straight forward work with a scalpel and file.

howto warhammer 40k rhino extra armour template

Part Four – Completed

Fitted and glued down. Not a brain breaker on this one, and to be honest, the spaced armour from Forgeworld is a better option. However, plasticard is a cheaper and more accessible option and a lot more fun to play with!

howto warhammer 40k rhino extra armour template

This tutorial is also up on Slideshare

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