Warhammer 40,000 Urban Base Tutorial (Kit Breakdown)

Recently Games Workshop started stocking this little gem; it’s an urban ruins basing kit for Warhammer 40000.

It is a Citadel Warhammer 40k basing kit.

Yes, it’s another basing tutorial!

The kit contains:
– 2 x Tubs of slate; 1 medium size and 1 large size
– 2 x Tubs of resin details (2 identical tubs)
– 1 x Spare tub
– 1 x Frame of brass etching

For a new army with a ruined city theme, we’d be looking from lots of rubble and bits. The basing kit is a really good component to produce some unique base.

Back-2-Basix produce awesome resin bases, but as I have posted elsewhere, there is satisfaction in creating your own bases.

For our example army, we need:
– 1 x 60mm base
– 3 x 45mm base
– 60 x 25mm base

As well as the basing kit, the example uses:
– Some small slate/sand, a mix of GW’s and another hobby companies
– A few bits and pieces from one of the Cities of Death building kits, about half a dozen pieces

What was produced is:


Thoughts on the kit components

– Slate

The different size slates are cool, both of the sizes and the small rubble on each of the different bases were used.

– Resin details

The 2 resin detail tubs contain a range of pieces. Both tubs are identical and contain approx 24 pieces of resin; 2 large pieces of resin that take up most of a 45mm, 2 medium pieces that take up a 25mm, and 20 or so smaller pieces that add detail to a 25mm base easily. Neither of the large pieces are used in this instance, but they are very nice. All the pieces are quite detailed, and feature ‘battle trophies’ from all the 40k races; Marines, Eldar, Chaos, Guard, SoB, SW, and then assorted battlefield debris. Basically combined with slate/rubble, they detail up a base nicely.

– Brass etch

The brass etch is fantastic. It is strong, but nice and thin and easily bendable into realistic shapes to create a bit of detail.

So, on 57 out of the 60 x 25mm bases, something from the basing kit was used. It was also used to detail the 1 x 60mm base. There was also some brass etch and the larger resin pieces left over. finished.

In conclusion

You can find it cheaper at various independent stockists, but at $AU 33 from Games Workshop retail, this made an army’s worth of pretty detailed bases of admirable quality.

REF: http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/

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