My Favorite Metallic Paints for Miniatures (Tips & Review)

If you paint miniatures or scale models, then at some point you will need metallic paints. This is especially true if you want to paint your models realistically.

Whether you’re painting vehicles and mechanicals from the Warhammer Universe, or arcantrik machines from the Iron Kingdoms, you’ll find a ton of metallic paint choices.

I’ve learned over the years of painting all sorts of models that you don’t need to buy them all. Just select a few core metallic paints and modify them, e.g., glaze, wash, mix, for your broader needs.

Although I recommend only 5 metallic paints, I’m sure I missed a few favorites. The information in this article may be a useful starting point for you, or simply provide a different perspective about how to use metallic model paints.

Either way, a part of the fun about painting minis is the thrill of discovering what works for you!

Everyone has their own painting style.

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