How to Paint a Resin 3D Printed Miniature

How do you paint a resin 3D printed miniature or model?

3D Printed tabletop miniatures are easy make and paint with a resin 3D printer. Because of the high quality sculpts, painting a 3D printed miniature made with a resin printer is also the same process as painting any other regular miniature or scale model kit.

For a while, making finely detailed miniatures with a 3D printer was difficult with almost any consumer-grade 3D printer. If you were looking to 3D print D&D (Dungeon and Dragons), Warhammer 40k, or other tabletop fantasy miniature figurines, you had to either outsource the job to a 3D printing company or purchase a very expensive 3D printer.

Fortunately, the speed of technology has outpaced our expectations, and resin 3D printers that can print small-scaled miniatures are commonplace and affordable.

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