True Scale Iron Warriors Chaos Lord Conversion

As part of an ongoing secret project, the details of which I am forbidden to release, I am going back to revisit my Chaos Space Marines. I’m excited about seeing a new codex in the future, but I’m not holding my breath about it.

In order to build a competitive Chaos Space Marine list, I have had to resort to the internet as to how. Bolter & Chainsword is always a good place to start for all things Space Marine.

I also found a wealth of information floating around on Dark Future Gaming. As with all things internet, there is some good and some bad, but it’s made me re-examine the codex and start to look at some of the choices in a new way.

I don’t imagine that I have suddenly found the secret mega-awesome build that will leave all of my opponents crying in defeat. What has happened, given the current meta game, is a rewrite of my standard all comers list.

At this point, I will remind you that I am not a tactician at all. Truly, I’m more in it for the painting and modelling and also hanging around at tournaments and catching up with people. The actual game is almost secondary.

Also, it takes me FOREVER to build and paint an army. My Sisters of Battle took over two years to complete and still has a few outstanding details to be completed.

My current Nurgle army, The Brotherhood of Rust, were Iron Warriors that have gone over to Nurgle. I still love the fluff for the Iron Warriors. In fourth edition, an Iron Warriors army could field nine Obliterators: not a tactically intelligent thing to do, but lots of fun if you could get it to work.

Having built a “count as” Shrike conversion, I am still excited about the whole conversion/green stuff/scratch built/true scale thing. Currently, my Chaos Lord is indistinguishable from the rest of the army, so I am hoping that this guy will really stand out regardless of the paint job used.

Again diving into Master of the Forge’s site, I was supplied with more than enough reference material to produce a true scale Chaos Space Marine Lord!

Iron Warriors true scale Chaos Lord

Initially, I had no idea what to arm him with. Having just re-read the Codex and in light of a current Mech heavy meta, a Combi-Bolter seemed like a good idea.

Now what else to arm him with? Various back and forth’s later and I decided on the Scourge; a hideous amalgamation of Daemon and Sword capable to cutting even a Space Marine into shreds before he can say, “For the Emperor!”.

In game terms, it’s a power weapon, but could probably be stretched to a daemon weapon if the points allowed.

how to convert an Iron Warriors space marine
custom Iron Warriors chaos space marine

The idea was, like Shrike, to have some one heroic looking. The same basic process as Shrike was followed, just changing some of the bits to be Iron Warrior.

  • The legs are from a plastic Chaos Terminator. Green Stuff was applied to the back of the legs to look more like the Chaos Space Marine legs, and the bump onto of the waist was filed flat to allow the body to sit more flush with the legs.
  • The body is a metal Iron Warriors body sawn in half and padded with thick plasticard so it marries up the the modified legs. Some more Green Stuff was applied around the neck to extend and clean up the collar from the original metal Iron Warrior body.
  • The gun, particularly, was fun to put together. The Heavy Bolter from an old Havoc was brutalised and used as the basis for the Combi-melta. It’s a really simple construct; the barrel from a plastic melta was attached as well as one of the tanks from an Imperial Guard Heavy Flamer backpack.
  • The Scourge was made with a Zombie arm. It was attached to the shoulder guard from a plastic Chaos Terminator. The weapons are a combination of guitar wire, paper clips and pretty well any old plastic, vicious looking weapons that could be found in the bits box. The basic idea was an arm wasted away after ten thousand years in the Warp and The Sourge a semi-autonomous death dealing device.

More fun was had with Green Stuff; conversion mashups are always a challenge, but often the most satisfying. I’ve said it more often than not, but have a look around, there’s masses of inspiration out there. Blogs, forums and email lists have a glut of information and ideas.

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