Tutofig.com Is Gone, but Miniature Hobby Tutorials Is Here!

I used tutofig.com for years and years. I first discovered it when trying to find some painting tutorials. It was invaluable to me.

As time went on, I started a blog focused on Warhammer 40K and miniature painting. I began creating my own tutorials and I would then submit them to Tutofig for others to discover. People began finding my tutorials and slowly I began building up a loyal readership.

While I can’t be sure, I feel safe in saying that they were the largest directory of tutorials for miniature painters and hobbyists. I can’t even guess how many tutorials were on that site – thousands anyway.

Sadly, that’s all in the past because they’ve shut down the site.

Yep, on November 13th, 2018, they said this on Facebook:

Hi all
due to lack of time, and also a bit lack of interest from the community, I have decided to stop hosting Tutofig.com. The hosting cost + domain cost is representing a significant amount of money, and I have now other priorities. So thanks to all for following us, I will concentrate on our Blog Chestnut ink now.

If I’m being honest, I had the feeling it was coming. I had submitted some tutorials to them and they never got added, so I figured something was up.

That’s why in September 2018 I had created this site. I was a bit frustrated with Tutofig.com at the time (5 months and my tutorials weren’t listed?), and I felt I could do a better job of creating a hobby tutorial directory site.

Still, it’s always sad to see a pillar of the community vanish like that. Tutofig was synonymous with the hobby. It was where I would send any new painter who was looking to get better and learn new things.

While I may have created this site as a competitor, I never wished any ill, and do not, for similar sites. The more amazing resources there are out there, the more the community as a whole thrives.

Now, whether or not Miniature Hobby Tutorials is, or becomes, a better site to Tutofig remains to be seen, however, this site is active, responsive, and always looking for new tutorials to be added to our directory.

So, while Tutofig may be gone, and I am truly saddened by it, we’re here for you. Send us your tutorials, be sure to browse those we have, and let’s make Miniature Hobby Tutorials shine!

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December 19, 2018 4:22 pm

Wow! Bummer. However, if it was time, then there’s not much you can do. The king is dead: Long live the king!!

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